Preliminary Program

Day 1

1) The drug development process [1h]

2) Basic notions of Pharmacokinetics [2h] and Pharmacodynamics [2h] relevant to modelling in oncology

Hands-on [1h]

Day 2

3) Systems Pharmacology, Pharmacometrics and modelling & simulation applied to drug development  [3h]

Hands-on [3h]

Day 3

4) Preclinical in vitro modelling of tumor growth inhibition [1.5h]

5) Preclinical in vivo modelling of tumor growth inhibition, Simeoni model and other models [2h]

Hands-on [2.5h]

Day 4

6) Integrated biomarker and tumor growth models [2h]

7) Role of surrogate clinical endpoints [2h]

Hands-on [2h]

Day 5

8) Effects of drug combination [1.5h]

9) Safety/toxicity issues [2h]